Habitaculos Organicos

Habitáculos Orgánicos is a project by Gabriela Munguía that explores the poetic possibilities of building structures and architectures for micro-organisms.

"Habitáculos Orgánicos" is a project in process that through experiment explores the poetic possibilities and ambiguities of building structures and architectures for  micro-organisms.

This project views the urban territory as a complex biological organization. In the process of living, an infinity of systems interact constantly keeping it in permanent movement and transformation. The emergence of new structures, architectures and patterns is the result of the intimate bonds between the territory and its inhabitants.

Setting up a possible dialogue between the territory and its various forms of life a series of interventions in the public space, using documentation materials, research and development of different technologies and electronic devices explores on how different micro-organisms inhabit and modify the territory.

Habitáculos orgánicos thus is a series of bio-organic architectures, dynamic and sensitive to the environment, that redraw the territory with  infinite, possible and imaginary patterns generated by the growth and proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

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