Hard World for Small Things

Hard World for Small Things is a VR-work by filmmaker Janicza Bravo

Hard World for Small Things uses VR to explore the circumstances and lives affected by a single tragedy in Los Angeles. The story begins by placing you in the backseat of a car, and then unfolds from there to explore discrimination and violence. The provocative experience, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Janicza Bravo, employs a deliberately gritty realism to place you in the middle of the events surrounding an accidental shooting, exploring issues of identity, empathy, and how a single event can come to define an entire life. 

Hard World for Small Things aims to humanize victims of police violence whose lives media outlets often reduce to a few paragraphs and bullet wounds. Bravo’s film counters this by placing the viewer in the passenger seat of a convertible in L.A. with a group of friends before a violent police encounter.  During the ride, viewers will get to know the hopes, dreams and favourite entertainment of members of a community - adding to the sense of injustice one feels as violent events unfold. An innovative and affecting piece of contemporary storytelling, Hard World for Small Things adds a crucial human dimension to one of the most misunderstood issues in America today.


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