Heritage Gold 1.0

"Heritage Gold 1.0" (1998) is a software project by Mongrel that alters your racial features.

Heritage Gold 1.0

Mongrel: Heritage Gold 1.0

With HeritageGold 1.0 software you can quickly and easily modify your looks. What's more, follow any combination of more than 50 step-by-step Guided Activities and you can even change your roots. Powerful features (such as the Clone Tool, MongrelSoftŽª Social Filters, One-Click Brown Skin Removal, and dozens of Special Effect Family History clean up techniques) let you edit and transform you Heritage into personal works of art.

What's more, with the pre-set customisations offered by our Heritage Templates you'll be having fun with your heritage in ways you never imagined possible! Download HeritageGold with free Heritage Templates.

(from the webdescription)

Similar to Photoshop, but with tools that modify race and class, Heritage Gold allows users to construct images of race, class and discord that are generally absent from new media art and communities.

downloadable here (Mac):

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