Immortal Game

Immortal Game is a Virtual Reality (VR) and live performance piece created and performed by Yiannis Logothetis and Evangelos Biskas

Immortal Game is an interdisciplinary project in the intersection of Virtual Reality (VR) and live performance. Creators and performers Yiannis Logothetis and Evangelos Biskas together with VR company Improvive search for the ingredients to dream up an immersive experience that encourages intimacy and freedom of expression.

The two childhood friends use the VR medium as a playground that holds space for the audience members to interact with each other in an anonymous way which allows for feelings such as shame, fear, joy to be felt and released in a communal virtual dance in an attempt to dissolve social constructs such us individualism and gender. The creators and performers involved guide the audience through a transition from the virtual to the non-virtual space and on through unexpected passages and rooms of the theatre in an ongoing game of transparency, vulnerability, freedom of movement, and trust.

This performance is a process of restoring justice in the body, embracing not only the light in us but also, our dark side, our shadows, our guilted and forgotten parts of us in an effort to actionably and unbiasedly stand in solidarity with each other.

“a series of unfoldments to express oneself at its highest potential knowing who one is in what one is. the themes of the two major aspects about preservation and creation. with preservation to learn to live not to die but to live to live. Yes Hope the ingredient in the mix. We are so blessed in our wonderment here on Earth with all of the creations that show us daily how to unfold and become in life. the seed into the root upward heliotropic to the Sun, the branches and the leaves and it’s ultimately the fruit. the ultimate within each of us being the essence, the atman the soul and ultimately unifying through our polished lens of buddhi.. a timing process of employment through a series of awakenings turn on one’s potential power of unity.

life is the spark of the breath that ignites the heart in love.”

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