Installatie voor de Instabiele Media

"Installation for the Unstable Media" is a work by V2 (Joke Brouwer and Alex Adriaansens).

Installatie voor de Instabiele Media

Installatie voor de Instabiele Media; photo: Jan Sprij

The installation is divided in two parts, the space in which the installation is build is also divided into two parts; the front space is a small space with plenty of light and a big text. The text is called "manifesto for the unstable media" and it expresses our attitude towards the use of electronic media in art and why we want to use these media. The text refers to the quantum theory as one of the new theories about the perception of the world around us.

The second space can be entered through the first space, there are two small entrance (60cm) to it.

This part of the installation is built like a capacitor which collects energy up to a certain point and then discharges. During the loading of the capacitor there is no activity in the space. There is only a dark room with twelve tv monitors, three slide projectors, lots of loudspeakers etc.

As people enter this space, they activate the installation, which discharges itself with a loud sound which can be heard over the loudspeakers. One sees electrical discharges on the twelve screens, a motor that hangs on the ceiling starts turning wildly, words are projected rapidly on three walls (basic words from the manifesto), ventilators start working and wind blows through the space.

Entering this space provokes an intense attack on all senses.


Installation for the Unstable Media (1988) from V2_ on Vimeo.

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