Installation with head mounts

"Headspace boxes" (1993) by Laura Kikauka is a multi-sensorial installation with head mounts.

Installation with head mounts

Laura Kikauka's Installation with head mounts; photo: Jan Sprij

Laura Kikauka referred to virtual reality by means of head mounts (prosthetics). The head mounts contained sound sources (switching solenoids) which were activated by head movements. The sounds (in the darkened head mounts) inspired imagination and fantasy.

Headspace Boxes is an electro-mechanical work, where objects are hanging from the ceiling. The audience can stand under these objects, and put its heads into them. Then, sounds, smells and light effects are generated.


Nederlands / Dutch text


Installatie met verwijzingen naar 'virtual reality' d.m.v. "hoofddeksels" (prothesen) die men over het hoofd kon schuiven. In de hoofddeksels waren klankbronnen aangebracht die door hoofdbewegingen geactiveerd konden worden. De geluiden (in de donkere hoofddeksels) zetten aan tot beeldvorming en fantasie.

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