Inter_skin is a 1994 work by Stahl Stenslie. It is a sensual communication link, challenging the concepts of eroticism, adding a missing sense to electronic communication.

Inter_skin (1994) represents a rethinking of today’s communication process. Instead of focusing on the two dimensional monitor and use the monitor as a control and interaction interface, Inter_skin makes the body a living Input and Output. The body becomes  an object of communication. The body of the users becomes an inter-skin for communication – rather than an on-screen inter-face.

The communication system is auto-erotic, that is, the sensory suits work and function according to self touch / motion, and not by means of 3D graphical input or actions on the screenIn order to stimulate my partner, I have to touch my own body first. If I, for example, touch my arm, the other person will feel that touch on his arm, or other body part, depending on the configuration of the system.

Re_thinking tele-communication

Whereas the first cyberSM project used a visual interface to influence and control the remote environment, the functionality of the third generation suits shifts the emphasis away from the computer screen as mediator between the participants to the body itself. In the Inter_Skin project, the body becomes the interface for communication between the participants through the use of “intelligent” touch suits. These suits become an “in- terskin” to convey, exchange and receive information. They represent a way of re_think- ing communication and interface technology, channeling the concentration away from the object-oriented (the screen) towards the subject-oriented (the body).

System design

In the Inter_Skin project both participants wear a sensoric outfit that is capable of both transmitting and receiving different multi-sensoric stimuli. The communication system concentrates on the transmission and receiving of sensual contact.

Information from stensliehome.wordpress.com/2017/02/15/interskin/

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