Je Tu Il Elle

"Je Tu Il Elle" (1975) is a film by/with Chantal Akerman.

Je Tu Il Elle

Chantal Akerman: Je Tu Il Elle

Julie (Chantal Akerman) stays in a virtually bare room where she writes a long love letter. Over a period of weeks, always alone, she shifts the position of her mattress occasionally and subsists on a bag of sugar. She seems increasingly frustrated with the content of her letter.

She hitchhikes along the Brussels highway, where she is picked up by a truck driver (Niels Arestrup). He recounts his mundane family life. They drink and dine at roadside haunts, and she passively serves his sexual needs. They part in a bright public bathroom.

Julie arrives at the apartment of her former lover, a woman who at first forbids her to stay but then allows her in and serves her food. They make love. Next morning, Julie rises and silently leaves the apartment.

BE/FR, black/white, sound, 86min, 1974

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