La Melodia 2010

Album ARtwork for La Melodia's 12" "Electronic Love."

La Melodia 2010


La Melodia's 2010 album release features an Augmented Reality layered album. The sleeve design incorporates augmented reality features, so when it's held in front of your webcam while on the
electroniclove.net website, it makes the cover come to life!

Other features include a barcode which, when scanned with the Stickybits iPhone app, shows you a personal video message from La Melodia and let's you attach a video or picture with your copy of the record as well and see where other people in the world have scanned the record.

La Melodia's Album ARtwork is demonstrated by Bureau Duplex and Baschz Leeft during the Test_Lab: Tools for ARt on December 16, 2010.

Baschz on the ARt Albumwork for La Melodia (2010) from V2_ on Vimeo.


Concept & execution & artwork: Baschz
AR backend: Buro Duplex (Nick Koning and Olivier Otten)
Logo original: I.N.T.
Music: La Melodia
Listen too and buy it at Rush Hour



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