Light Mills

"Light Mills" (1988 is a holography work by Dieter Jung. It was shown in the exhibition of DEAF_00.

Light Mills

Dieter Jung: Light Mills

Dieter Jung's Light Mills are holograms which show abstract configurations of time, space, movement and colour. They are based on abstract geometric shapes of different colours which seem to float in the three-dimensional holographic space. As the visitor moves in front of the hologram, each of the shapes seems to turn around itself at a different speed and a different angle, creating the perception of an effect that is physically 'impossible'. The Light Mills create the impression of a complex, polychronic and polychromatic space whose movement is generated by the perceptive 'work' of the visitor.

Holography is a technological medium invented in the mid-20th century, that presents images of three-dimensional objects and spaces, or rather, that produces visual perceptions of three-dimensionality. By means of lasers, objects are inscribed on a holographic plate and can be viewed as spatial objects again when the plate is lit appropriately.

In holography it has become possible to experiment not only with spatial structures, but also with temporal structures, which means that it has become possible to represent movement in three-dimensional spaces. Using specific techniques, the holographic artist can inscribe moving objects onto the plate, a movement that can be revived when the viewer moves his viewpoint in front of the hologram. Thus, the viewer becomes the projector of the holographic movement in space, which is transmitted to the moving eye through refracted light passing through the hologram.

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