Michael Rogers

Michael Rogers (2015) is a work by Paolo Cirio.

This artwork is part of a series of nine unauthorized photos of high-ranking U.S. intelligence  officials of NSA, CIA, NI and FBI that were related to Edward Snowden’s revelations. Michael S.  Rogers has served as Director of the National Security Agency (NSA), Commander of U.S. Cyber  Command, and Chief of the Central Security Service since April 3rd, 2014.

The photos were found by monitoring the Internet public platforms with selfies and images of  informal situations published without the control of the officials. Ultimately, the images were  reproduced with the street art HD Stencils technique and they were disseminated onto public  walls throughout major cities. The artwork satirizes the era of ubiquitous surveillance and overly mediated political personas by exposing the main officials accountable for secretive mass  surveillance and over-classified intelligence programs. New modes of circulation, appropriation,  contextualization and technical reproduction of images are integrated into this artwork.

Work on deposit from LaAgencia Collection.

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