Modernity to Modernization

3rd i exhibition MKgallery: compilation of Chinese video art (2010) by Li Zhenhua.

Modernity to Modernization: Chinese Media art since 1988 
Compilation of Chinese video artists, by Li Zhenhua, China

featuring: Ah_Q by Feng Mengbo  (2002), Singing With Me by Zheng Yunhan (2004), Made in 1968 by Cao Kai  (2005), Moon Landing Project by Wang Yuyang (2006), My Heart Was Touched Last Year by Yang Fudong (2007), Hostage by Wang Jianwei (2008), Last experimental flying object by Ye Linghan (2008), Faith with Oxygen by Gao Shiqiang (2008), Rock Dove by Cheng Ran (2009), 0.7% salt by Jiang Zhi (2009).

Compilation of Chinese video artists, 2010

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