"Momentum" (2011) is an installation about decay by Xandra van der Eijk.


photo: process in an evolved stage

Momentum shows the process of decay and the human incapability to overcome it. It is a spacious, analog installation with a four-day cycle, guided by a very slow, continuous performance of assisting the installation in order for it to work, resulting in strong graphic, four meter long prints.

All elements of the installation are made of material that is subjective to decay. The specially prepared water in the 4m long iron tub can not be used over 4 days. That determines the length of the performance/installation. The size of the tub determines a maximum width for the pigment-mixture to spread on the surface.

Because of certain ingredients in the mixture, the pigment can spread, but not mix. It has to push the other pigments away, as it is forced to drip for two hours in the center of one spot. Therefore the colors have to fight for their place, causing it to change continuously. Doing so, the material finds its boundaries – and starts to ‘break’. Although the detailing can get immensely intense (as seen on the pictures) the most interesting part of the installation is seen when the glass pipes are being put in the next spot.

After seven full tubs and seven four meter prints, the water has fully decayed and will no longer allow the pigment-mixture to spread on the surface and the performance/installation has ended. All times and changes are being noted through out the entire 4 days and all full four-day sessions are being numbered, as well as the prints. What remains is a printed timeline showing the decay of a chemical process; in one print, but also gradually deteriorating over all seven.


Momentum by Xandra van der Eijk (2011) from V2_ on Vimeo.

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