Morphogenesis Shoe Design

"Morphogenesis Shoe Design" (2010) is a 3D-printed shoe, and part of the Womenswear Collection 2010 by Pauline van Dongen.

Morphogenesis Shoe Design

photo: Mike Nicolaassen

As part of her collection Morphogenesis, Dutch fashion designer Pauline van Dongen developed a shoe design which is printed three dimensional. After her previous experience in designing and making shoes and winning the Sacha Golden Heel Award with her design Vertigo (January 2010) she wanted to also create a complete image for her graduation collection of her master at the Fashion Institute Arnhem. The shoe design has been developed in collaboration with Dutch company Freedom of Creation. The innovative technique of 3D printing gave her the opportunity to translate the sculptural feel of the garments into a rigid form in polyamide. Pauline was able to created without any borders, everything was possible! Resulting in a sculptural form with organic lines. The polyamide shoes, made with 3D printing, give a futuristic look and feel to the overall collection.

Says the designer:

I am fascinated by the interaction between people and their surroundings; body versus space; the order and arrangement of things around me. My work focuses on the surface, with fabric as a starting point.
In my attempt to distort the relationship between the body and the space around it, I have changed their outlines, like the artist Antony Gormley. By making a mould of a body he creates a negative hollow shape. This made me wonder: Is the body the content and the clothes the container, or is it the other way round?

My work explores the void between the body and the garment. Different materials like synthetic crin and buntal emphasize this space. Alienating shapes or capsules floating around the body are turned into clothes, like organic sculptures. Metal knitwear and the contrast between dark shades and bright tops create a sharp, minimalistic feel. In collaboration with Freedom Of Creation I developed an innovative shoe, which is printed three-dimensional.
All this feeds my belief in complexity, problem solving, desires and in my own mood swings. Tactility, texture and no-frills modernity are the essence of my work.


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