Nato is a collection of Max objects used for live video art.



Nato is a collection of Max objects. Max is a graphical programming environment for music and media applications. For live video art, nato.0+55 surpasses all other applications on the market today. In flexibility of control and speed, nothing even comes close. With the latest addition of firewire output and direct streaming possiblities, nato.0+55 now has the functionality of a complete net video performance enviroment. nato.0+55 is authored by nn + distributed by 0f0003 + ircam. (2000).

NATO.0+55.Modular [Nezvanova 2000] is an ultra elegant, massively superb and contrapuntal meme pollination apparatus; the ideal complement for the ultra sanitary mammalian expression system.

NATO.0+55.Modular is an advanced,immensely flexible, realtime and non-realtime component driven visual environment for the creative construction of distractive / elegant structures in space; the space that fills between us.

It is a non-linear, vastly expressive, syntactic, data driven modular infrastructure for live video and graphics: specifically 2D and 3D graphics, VR [virtual reality], DV [digital video], Live-Video, Firewire, Quicktime, Flash, MP3, OpenGL and realtime Internet Streaming.

NATO.0+55.modular fully exploits the MAX paradigm. It liquidates the rigid top-down centralized, constrictive regime promulgated by the other MAX related dsp environments (MSP and GEM), in favor of an immensely flexible, flat, dynamic, super conductive topology engendering uninhibited experimentation (breeding) and ultimately selection (sanitation)

Gerald Edelman & Giulio Tononi in their "To the core of consciousness" present the "dynamic core hypothesis". A dynamic core is a subset of brain regions identified by the pattern of neuronal interactions within the core and its associated regions. The core is akin to a shoal of fish. The envelope, or boundary, is clearly discernible but continuously changes as the fish (neuronal activity) swim to different locations (different neuroanatomical domains). The fish swim in concert, but each has its own unique trajectory through the water (that is, neuronal activity is coherent but not identical).

Objekts may be interconnekted as one desires / wishes. Everything is permissible if diskovered. 2D data may be composited onto VR, 3D or video data. Likewise any data type inclusive of 3D data may be mapped onto 3D objekts. In "think" mode objekts may process their own memory. In "quarrel" mode objekts may write to other objekts' memory. Quicktime data may be processed by OpenGL objekts, and vice versa. Everything is permissible if sufficiently desired.

NATO.0+55.modular is completely modular. It supports an infinite number of film tracks, processes, and displays. All parameters may be modified in realtime. There is no requirement for stopping the dsp, starting the dsp. closing windows, opening windows.

NATO.0+55+3d modular is initially (as of 11.11.01) comprised of 120+ objekts The system may be modified and expanded as desired [>]

Objekts exist for image analysis. image correction. denoising. numerous effects. objekt tracking. Optional objekts exist for video streaming / konferencing, network processing, firewire i\o 3rd party plug-ins, photoshop and https, http, ftp protokols etc.

The diversity permits expedient implementation of custom solutions which at a fraction of the cost outperform facilities afforded by any other environment or even multiple software produkts.

NATO.0+55+3d modular is utilized globally by hundreds of institutes, organizations and individuals. NATO.0+55 workshops have been hosted by BEK, IAMAS, IRCAM, V2/DEAF and shortly ZKM.

NATO.0+55 is distributed by 0f0003 [http://www.eusocial.com] and Ircam [http://www.ircam.fr]

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