Nesting Cycle

Nesting Cycle (2015) is a work by PWR Studio (Hannah Nilsson and Rasmus Svensson).

Nesting Cycle

(Proposal image for Nesting Cycle)

Nesting Cycle (2015) revolves around the repetitive labor required to maintain the order of the new decentralized data infrastructure for value exchange, often referred to as the block chain. This cryptographic labor consists of generating millions of random numbers per second, looking for the one number that will provide a “reward.” Through this absurd, Sisyphean labor, they maintain the security and order of the network, enabling the smooth flow of digital value. Although growing exponentially, the block chain paradigm is still largely a cottage industry, with hobbyists assembling do-it-yourself machines from computer gaming components, many of them tucked away in closets and laundry rooms. In contrast to the hermetically sealed, sleek, shiny boxes that we commonly think of as the organs of the contemporary data economy, these machines offer a much more obscene image of the merging of speculative finance and domestic life. In contrast to clean, climate-controlled data centers, this merging makes tangled cords, drying racks and dirty socks a familiar sight in the block chain paradigm. Global flows leave local stains. In all its absurdity, this is home. This is where data is produced and consumed.

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This project was developed during a V2_ residency.
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