Neuromancer (2013) is a work by Chin-Hsiang Hu, realised during the 2013 Summer Sessions at V2_.

The title Neuromancer of the project by Chin-Hsiang Hu refers obviously to William Gibson’s 1984 science fiction novel of the same name. At that time the Internet had been invented, but did not play a role in the lives of normal people. However, the novel was set in a futuristic world in which computer networks and advanced technologies controlled humanity. Narrating a bleak outlook, the novel described a degeneration of mankind caused by technology in the future, as well as pointed out a psychological misalignment of people. For my creative process, the Internet plays an important role. Whether on a spiritual level or as a title, Neuromancer  accurately captures the essence of the artistic concepts behind this work.

Would constantly being on the receiving end of information make us lose our ability to make decisions for ourselves, and cause us to become easy targets for brain washing? Awhile back, people referred to this era as one of an information overload.  Now, it seems like this may have caused great damage to mankind.  Web surfing means to roam the Internet and this is something that many people do frequently. It has become a large part of daily life, even though such action does not serve any particular goal. Unknowingly, the attention of most people has been drawn towards social network platforms, online news, email, and blogs. People’s focus at work has been reduced, and we are becoming increasingly and easily distracted. When the brain gets accustomed to such a mode of operation, we are like drifters in deep space who have lost control over our own thoughts. When the many online services become a distraction, and being a mindless recipient of information has become the norm, we become susceptible to an intentional brainwashing (e.g. brand worship). We fall into the control of would-be manipulators. Used for political, educational, business, or religious intentions, mindless searching for information online without the need to makes a decision turns people into 'Neuromancers'.

Chin-Hsiang Hu

For more information visit www.neuromancer.tw


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