"Numer1cal Recipe Series [NRS]" (2009-) are generative data paintings by Frederik De Wilde (BE).


[NRS] # Data Excavation 3.a

The [NRS] project consists of computer generated images created in a customized software using complex algorithms, environmental data and real time sensor input (et al.), rendered into a palpable artwork of anodized aluminum, paint and ink.

The Numer1cal Recipe Series, or simply [NRS] project, questions the nature of data, code, information and signals, and the transcription to a physical object. From this point of view [NRS] is focussing on intangible and tangible spaces, hence creating 'bridges' between the media arts and the fine arts.

The sources of the images are currently environmental recordings, electromagnetic field and video registrations captured in different cities. Hence, [NRS] is a mapping of invisible ecologies through technological mediation. Digital landscapes, electronic shadows and subjective representations of our habitat, our lives.

The results range from graphical towards painterly visual abstractions. Landscape paintings of the information age.

Paint, Ink, Anodized Aluminum, Aluminum. Variable Dimensions.

Partially funded by the Flemish Community.

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