Ocean Bloom

Ocean Bloom (2021) is an installation by Sandipan Nath.

Imagine an eerie descent underwater, beneath the waves. Ocean Bloom invites the visitors to undergo an embodied sonic experience of a noisy North Sea near the shores of Texel, the Netherlands.

Making use of 4DSound software, Ocean Bloom explores spatial sound as a medium for accessing hearing underwater. Using sound holograms as dimensional objects in space, the work invites visitors to experience spatial depth and dimensionality in all directions, as in an underwater sonic environment. Together with composer and media artist Sól Ey, Sandipan Nath seeks to address the possibility of uncomfortable sounds and disturbances to overcome the decentralization of human primacy, opening up to nonhuman and material agencies. 

Ocean Bloom is an ongoing audiovisual research project that taps into the underwater transmission of noise to address the sonic impact of human activities in the North Sea. Building on an interest in links between the role of sonic ecology and our understanding of a multispecies future, Ocean Bloom aims to more specifically articulate the creation of an underwater soundscape as a material and a medium through which we can access a relatively underexplored facet of our urban environment.

The project was conceived during the V2_Lab Summer Sessions 2020 and is currently supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL.

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