On The Lines

"On The Lines" by Peter D'Agostino is an interactive telepresence-installation (1990).

On The Lines

On the Lines; photo: Hans van Dugteren

On the Lines is an interactive videodisc installation in two locations. Visitors in both locations are able to communicate wit each other by using telephone lines through which sound and image (slowscan) can be controlled.

Peter D'Agostino's installation was presented in collaboration with the Rijksmuseum Twente. At these locations (two at the museum and one at V2_), the public could get in contact with each other through telephone lines that were able to transfer images and sound. It was a multimedia installation demonstrating the immense and unpredictable changes in cultural, social, economic and political relationships of everyday life and the mass media.

This installation was an open work, making use of contemporary communication systems, allowing the public to define the nature of the information which is transferred, creating its own metaphors for individual and public participation in the electronic age. The work offered a two-way interactive communication system, bypassing the one-way traffic of mass media.


On the lines by Peter D'Agostino (1990) from V2_ on Vimeo.

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