'One Word Movie' is an on-line platform which organizes, based on user-supplied terms, the flood of images on the Internet into an animated film. A word turns into images, images turn into a movie. It was shown at DEAF04.

The fast-paced sequences of the images appear to the viewer initially as random. The human cognition, focusing on image content, has a hard time understanding the machine's selection criteria. There's a fundamental disconnect. Just as we cannot infer the file name from the image content, the machine cannot infer the image content from the name.

The flood of images that One Word Movie channels into a movie are both without meaning -- they haven't been assembled by a cognitive subject -- and full of unintended meaning if viewed by a perceptive person. One Word Movie forces the viewer, accustomed to look for narration, to shift his / her perception. If we are able to free ourselves from this search for narration, we can explore hidden informational patterns.

Idea and design: Beat Brogle
Programming: Philippe Zimmermann
Text and Content support: Felix Stalder
Production and distribution: Annette Schindler, [plug.in] Basel (www.iplugin.org)
Hosting xcult (www.xcult.ch)
Financial support: Kunstkredit Basel Stadt, Aargauer Kuratorium, sitemapping.ch
Licensed under creative commons

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