Open Cage Radio

Open Cage Radio (2019) is a work by Daniela de Paulis, developed during the V2_ + Museu Zer0 Residency.

Open Cage Radio

Sample of visualisation of birds’ speech by Nicolas Vermeulin

OPEN CAGE RADIO is a webradio as meeting place for captive speaking birds: cockatoos, lyrebirds, corellas, bowerbirds, magpies, currawongs, ravens and crows. The speculative question that inspired the project is whether species other than humans can evolve through a process that is cultural as well as biological, across a global scale. 

The webradio targets birds living in captivity, thus birds conveying thoughts, habits and sounds from mostly human environments. Birds living in different locations on Earth, speaking different languages and carrying different cultural content from their ‘in-habitats’ are able to interact with each other on the radio. 

The OPEN CAGE RADIO online platform visualises the words spoken by the birds through a graphic interface and geographically locates the birds on a world map as they speak, showing their identity, location and habitat. Owners of birds are able to upload the recording of their speaking animals through the website, contributing to the creation of an active database of avian speech. Humans might be speaking through and listening to the radio too. 

The purpose of the project is to connect captive birds throughout the globe and create a unique birds language over time, a hybrid of bird-human habits, communication and intelligence. 

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