outsourced views, visual economies

'outsourced views, visual economies' is a work by Yuri Pattison.

outsourced views, visual economies is a work from 2013-2014 by Yuri Pattison. It consists of video stills, HD, color, sound, duration variable. 

Courtesy: the artist, mother’s tankstation limited, Dublin and Labor, Mexico.  

In “Outsourced Views, Visual Economies”, Pattison contacted the low-paid workforce plying their services on the Amazon Mechanical Turk platform. This is a “micro-work” marketplace created by the famous American retailer aggregating listings for tasks that currently cannot be carried out by a computer. Users can browse the available tasks and choose to complete any of them for the remuneration offered by the requesters, often not exceeding the amount of one dollar.
Written by a user of Upwork

Yuri Pattison works with digital media, video and sculpture to explore the political implications of new technologies and the changing nature of visual culture in the Internet age.
Written by kmgfazmk-433007807@craigslist.org

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