P.S. (2011) is an installation by Herman Asselberghs and Fairuz, using the parts of the laptop which was disassembled in the video "Dear Steve" (2010).


P.S. (2011) at STUK, Leuven

P.S., the postscript accompanying the video letter to Steve Jobs reveals all the parts of the lap-top that is dismantled in Dear Steve. Visitors can feast their eyes on highly technological products that generally never see the light of day. By way of various data carriers and media, Asselberghs and Fairuz construct a tangible cloud of data, poetically charting our laptop culture.

By means of workshops in collaboration with colleges with a range of specialties, this collection of data will continue to expand whenever the framework of this installation is filled in by others. A first phase in this process begins in 2011, with students from Groep T. They bring new visions and points of view to the use and the function of portable computers, through interviews with laptop users, found footage and image fragments, graphic and cartographic data, historiologies, statistics, numeric material, text, sound, ...

P.S. on display at STUK, Leuven during the Artefact Festival 15 - 24 February 2011.

Produced by Artefact festival
Co-produced by V2_Lab, Auguste Orts
With the support of Groep T

(Text from www.augusteorts.be/projects/project/55)

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