Palm Top Theater Artworks

Videos, animations, motion graphics, music videos and interactive applications for the i3DG devices on iPods, iPads and 32'' Flat Screen were created by award winning visual creators, artists and art students in the Netherlands and in Japan. These works will be presented at V2_ during the IFFR 2011.

i3DG artworks were contributed by Joost Rekveld (NL), Geert Mul (NL), Lia (AT), Arno Coenen (NL), FoAM [BE] + Performing Pictures [SE], Noriaki Okamoto (JP), Mitsuo Toyama (JP), Tajuta Mikage (JP), Shuhei Shibue (JP), Masashi Yokota (JP), Mitsuo Toyama (JP), Emmanuel Flores Elìas (MX/NL), John Fanning (US/NL), Pablo Dias (BR/NL) + Luciano Leite Barbosa (BR/US), Ronald Schelfhout (NL), yy (CN) + Tom Laan (NL), Robert Pravda (NL/YU), Kasper van der Horst (NL), Bonne Knibbe (NL), Shihui (CN/NL), Ludmila Rodrigues (BR/NL), Amelia Kaczyńska (PL/NL), klaravat (SP/NL), André Carvalheiro (PT/NL), and Yolanda Uriz (SP/NL).


SIM05interactive application for iPod by Lia [AT]
Shake the device to get a random color selection. Tap to reposition the elements randomly, on the left side you get more, on the right side you get less elements. Double-tap to restart all the elements on the top of the screen. Touch with three fingers for a neutral white color. Tilt the device to change the movement of the elements on screen. 


Immanentiainteractive application for iPod by FoAM [BE] + Performing Pictures [SE]

Picture courtesy of The Children's Society, UK.
Concept and production of Immanentia done by Performing Pictures and FoAM.

The dream life has always been there. Mere shapes ever so clear and distinct. It is as if her little mind invented these shapes, labyrinths of the mind and for the mind - to drift away and try to lose oneself.  Sliding and hopping between different layers, she will perform together with you; a choreography, a game with no end and a music piece assembled into a sublime instrument to be played out by the sensitive user.
The Patabotany drawings of phantasmagoric trees and plans which intertangle and interdepend on each other, becomes a daydream world for a little girl who was found at the doorstep of a children's house in Rose Cottage Home in Dickleburgh around 1890.



interactive application for iPod by Emmanuel Flores Elías [MX/NL]
A small toy.
music: Panagiotis Kountanis. 
Special thanks to Jan Misker.


Chicken & Monkey Find Friends Everywhere!

Chicken & Monkey Find Friends Everywhere
video for iPod by John Fanning [US/NL]
Chicken and Monkey are the puppet/children figures which feature in almost all of Fanning's video works. They explore the world and like to find friends, even in the trash!  



video for iPod by Bonne Knibbe [NL]
A Track made audio and video from every-day metal object. Starring Metal sticks from Ikea cabinet, a thee-egg and a bottle-opener.


Inspiration / Expiration

Inspiration / Expirationvideo for iPod by Pablo Dias [BR/NL] and Luciano Leite Barbosa [BR/US]
This piece relies on concrete elements to convey a non-narrative message. The starting point is the human body and the nature. By gathering short video and audio samples of organic components, the artists process and rearrange nature, exploring its audiovisual textures and rhythms in a digital looping collage.


The Room

The Room

video for iPod by yy [CN] and Tom Laan [NL]
This is a short video about a room, where the rules of nature don't apply.


Zap Shuffle

Zap Shuffle

video for iPod by Tom Laan [NL]
Zap Shuffle is the first intergalactic music video made for the i3DG.



video for iPod by Robert Pravda and Kasper van der Horst [NL]
Abstract film originally rendered on the Amiga computer. Now edited for the iD3G.




video for iPod by Ronald Schelfhout [NL]



look _--> see
look around_-- see no nature

listen_--> hear
no natural sounds_-- except some distant humzzz
sound which became words?
pieces cut out of what was

touch_--> feel
technology_-- in your hands *-----,.

experience_--> be
can you be a fly?

what is real? what is really...
 original ?

Through A Grass Darkly

Through A Grass Darkly
video for iPod by Shihui [CN/NL]
This is a real-time music visualization for Hammock's music. I program continuous colorful ellipses to present the ambient sound, to create an atmosphere of obscurity.



video for iPod by Shihui [CN/NL]
This is a real-time music visualization for Hammock's music. I program cell-liked structure to express my feeling to this music.


Swimming pool everywhere

Swimming pool everywhere
video for iPod by Shihui [CN/NL]
This is a real-time music visualization for my music. The radius of each particle is connected to the frequencies of the music. The random colors are used to present the various electronic tones.


Disconexusvideo for iPod by Ludmila Rodrigues [BR/NL]
The video explores a film sequence extracted from Chinese Connection (A.K.A. Fist of Fury) repeated in three layers and some delay between each other. Each layer received one color channel, a scheme that recalls RGB channels and at the same time the lights of a disco club. The musical choice, which is purposely disconnected with the film, aims to build up new relations between image and sound.

A drift

A driftvideo for iPod by Ludmila Rodrigues [BR/NL]
The video is entirely composed by static images collected via Google search - cities' textures and patterns - in order to build a flow within the depths of the city. The feature of three layers provide the chance of increasing the feeling of a drift. The soundtrack, borrowed from John Oswald/Plunderphonics, a notorious project of sound collage, adds to the copy n' paste character of this work.


Oh-La-La Satan

Oh-La-La Satan
video for iPad by Arno Coenen [NL]
video: Arno Coenen, music: Mustard Pimp, text: Marinus de Ruiter


Brothers of Metal

Brothers of the sword
piercing through hypocrisy
soldiers of retribution
on the battlefield of evolution

You are many, we are one
brotherhood, father to son
out of reach, out of sight
cross our path, we will fight

We have come this far
we will not step back
we have come to take what's ours
we are ready to attack

howls of derision
echo through the forest
we are wolves, you are prey
no remorse, proud to be this way


TrailScapevideo for iPad by Geert Mul [NL]
When you look out of a train window the elements of the landscape seem to pass by in different speeds. Things close to you travel fast, while mountains in the back don't seem to pass at all... And in that dreamy state of mind that i get while watching landscapes passing by for hours, sometimes locations start to mix up..


videos for iPad by DIRECTIONS Inc. [JP]
International award winning visual creators in Japan made various animations, motion graphics and music videos for i3DG. Far East creations for i3DG.

Japan modernCradlemayso
Japan modern by Noriaki Okamoto
Cradle by Mitsuo Toyama
mayso (meditation) by Tayuta Mikage

Mr. Jesus2:00AMkurukuru
Mr. Jesus by Shuhei Shibue
2:00AM by Masashi Yokota
kurukuru by Mitsuo Toyama


abusiovideo for iPad by Amelia Kaczyńska [PL/NL]
abusio : a special subtype of catachresis, a mixed metaphor that results when two metaphors collide.
This video work attempts to make a surrealistic visual representation of the period when you begin to reflect on your childhood.
video with samples by Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa U mojej matecki (10') and Caetano Veloso Burn it blue (16')


video for iPad by klararavat [SP/NL]
amsterdam is an abstract composition based in the movement, the details and the low resolution captures around Amsterdam.


video for iPad by klararavat [SP/NL]
What could happen if our body parts get independent from each other and start to play around?

Lines46 + Lines45


videos for iPad by André Cavalheiro [PT/NL]
Videos made from a landscape drawing to create the illusion of walking through lines. The three screens transform the walking path into a visual chaos.


video for iPad by André Cavalheiro [PT/NL]
Video from a strange conversion, lines are transformed in visual pixelated patterns.


video for iPad by Yolanda Uriz [SP/NL]
Lepokoa means scarf, if you put it in your eyes it becomes a filter to see real world through, like the Haagse bos is seen in this work.




video for 32'' Flat Screen by Joost Rekveld [NL]
The agents in this piece are based on the first attempts of computerpioneer Alan Turing to model biological phenomena. They navigate a sonic space that stretches from Indian meditations on virtuality and duality on the one hand, to workers who get on with things on the other hand.

Photos: Alessandro del Gallo.

Download as booklet.

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