"Pandaemonium" (1995) is a feature film by John Wyver on four artists working with man and machines, shown during Wiretap 3.07.

Pandaemonium explores the spaces where cutting-edge artistic expression, culture and politics converge, generating a creatively contested sociocultural dissent. It examines several new possibilities for the symbiosis of Man and Machine through the work of four artists - David Therrien, Stelarc, Chico MacMurtrie and Survival Research Laboratories - using modern technology and industrial detritus to create avant-garde machine performance art. Within an artistic space both exclusive and infinite, these artists grapple with the technophobic and technophilic aspects of the shifting interrelationship between humans and machines.

Excerpt on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYvsGVJPYEQ


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