"Pickelporno" (1992) is a work by Pipilotti Rist.


Pipilotti Rist: Pickelporno

In Pickelporno, Rist's camera plays across the skin of two lovers, intermixed with images from nature including fruits and vegetables, giving visual form to the sensations experienced during intimacy.

In this visual evocation of sex and sexuality, a man and woman stage an elaborately choreographed courtship ritual, edited with Rist's usual attention to the syntax of mass media. As a driving bass sample plays, a surveillance camera makes low-flying journeys across the bodies of the actors, yielding images at once familiar and distancing, a strategy in keeping with Rist's desire "to propose images of sexuality rather than to analyze the pros and the cons of pornography.

-- Electronic Arts Intermix

CH, color, sound, 12min, 1992

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