Pop Up Computer

Just like pop-up childrens books, this CD-ROM shows various interactive and three-dimensional environments made up of two-dimensional graphic elements on the flat computer screen. It was made by Gento Matsumoto (Saru Brunei Comp., 1995).

Designer Gento Matsumoto's Pop Up Computer takes alphabet fascination to a new level. Posing as a virtual ABC book, this CD-ROM is actually a lesson in the art of simulation. Pop Up Computer teaches children the alphabet with a booklike format: each page pulls up a new world. K - for kitchen - shows a smiling simian playing around with a blender and stove. In keeping with the classic pop-up aesthetic, the monkey's as thin as a sheet of paper when he turns sideways. I - for IQ - brings up an intelligence test on a tiny replica PC that unfolds from the book. And R - for record - has the little guy spinning delicious low-fi grooves.

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