Post-Human Card

Post-Human Card (2013) is an interactive art work by Opel-Tsai Ou Bau.

Post-Human Card is about how humans and cities are changed by computers.

The interactive process of the piece is as follows:
- The audiences can see their own bodies on the projection wall.
- The piece will key in an audience’s video real time by using Kinect and detecting Z-depth.
- The audiences can change their postures to make it fit to the shape behind their virtual bodies.
- The piece will put objects on the body, just like artificial joints.
- It will mix things on the human body, for example, cables like nerves and arteries, rears like joints, and machines or motherboards like organs. I call this a “Post-Human Statue”.
- Each Post-Human Statue has their own posture and will take place of the original state in the post card.
- The post card will be turned into an environment filled with electronic and digital cables.

Each member of the audience makes one unit (statue) because they can have different outlooks and the artificial objects are random. The larger the audience, the more Post- Human Cards there will be.


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