Preparati (Microscope Slides)

Preparati (Microscope Slides) (2020-2021) is a work by Mia Paller.

Preparati is a series of analogue photographs and frottages of the barricades from the ‘10-day war’ for Slovenia (1991). These concrete pyramids were roughly dropped by the road in my hometown Bač and have become overgrown with ivy and shrubs. As I was born in 1995, the barricades seem to me like monuments of the war I did not live and know little about. Frottage means a ‘print’ of an object’s surface, created by covering the object with paper and rubbing it with graphite. I understand frottaging and photographing as means of close examination with a forensic quality. The process of enlarging the photographic negative is analogous to that of inspecting a specimen, a microscope slide. As if time was a sediment compressed in one layer, flattened in a drawing or an analogue photograph. Images expose the texture and its ‘flaws’ and echo my fascination for surfaces and the concepts of trace, index and abstraction.

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