"probe" (2008) is an interactive installation by Boris Debackere (BE).


images: installation stills

probe (noun); an unmanned exploratory spacecraft designed to transmit information about its environment

sound & image design: Boris Debackere
software design: vvvv, Sebastian Gregor
sensor application: V2_

generative software, color, no language
interactive installation

Cinema is a virtual capsule with a projection screen as a window, which gives access to an audiovisual trip through time and space. As soon as the film starts the projection surface becomes invisible. It becomes the magic window of the cinema capsule that engages the whole body through the eyes and ears, and abducts it to another time and space. The film machine transforms reality by generating mental activity in the viewer: cinema as a dream machine for condensed experiences and emotions. probe is an interactive installation in which the relationship between the viewer and the screen is central. The position of the viewer determines the creation of generative sound and image that physically take the viewer on an audiovisual trip.

probe is an Auguste Orts Production and is produced with the support of the Flanders Audiovisual FundBelgium, 2008


probe deals with the medium of cinema, trying to reproduce the cinematic experience in an abstract way:

says Boris Debackere: probe is a metaphor of cinema: cinema as a space shuttle, or a probe you enter and you are completely separated from the external world. Suddenly, the huge screen you have in front of you disappears and becomes a sort of window to travel in time and space. And you sit in this vehicle, but the whole trip takes place in your brain: you concentrate with your mind with the screen that becomes invisible and everything that is projected on the screen puts your mind and imagination into action. The setting of the film is in your brain, not on the screen: it is part of the same dynamics of cinema, which stimulate your brain, the mechanism of your perceptive abilities.

more of the interview by Lucrezia Cippitellihttp://www.digicult.it/digimag/article.asp?id=1212


Sonic Acts, Amsterdam (NE) Feb 21–Mar 22 2008
Almost Cinema, Vooruit, Ghent (BE) Oct 7–18 2008 
VIA, Maubeuge (FR) Mar 12-22 2009 
Exit, Créteil (FR) Mar 26–Apr 05 2009 
STRP, Eindhoven (NE) Apr 02–13 2009 
V2_, Rotterdam (NE) Sept 11-13 2009
Medialab Enschede (NE) Sept 03-20 2009 
Gare Saint Sauveur Lille Lille (FR), Sep 18–Nov 8, 2009
Tabakalera Center San Sebastian (ES), Feb 7–Mar 21, 2010 
Zebrastraat Gent (BE), Apr 16–Jun 20, 2010 
Tweakfest Zurich (CH), Apr 23-24, 2010
New Freaks Saint-Nazaire (FR), Jun 17–Aug 17, 2010 
Nouveaux Monstres Toulouse (FR), Feb 24–Mar 10, 2011 
Media Art Forum, Moscow, 2012

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