Pulp Landscape II

Pulp Landscape II (2013) is a miniature film studio in a suitcase, by Weiyi Hu.

Pulp Landscape II is a work by Weiyi Hu, realised at the 2013 Summer Session. It is a miniature film studio, that can be packed in a suitcase. As a mechanical installation, the suitcase contains the shooting tracks, video cameras and the shooting scenes, which are all working together to produce the images continuously. The audience can control the movements of the cameras, the montage and sound only by a terminal control with several buttons.

The images that the cameras create are show live on a screen inside the suitcase. Audiences eventually will see a video made by themselves.

The concept of the work is to change the way people watch a movie, and deconstruct cinema and theater system. If the cinemas and theaters just built a fictional world and want the audience to believe it is true, then in my work this world really exists, because you can see all the shooting objects and the process of which the movie is the result. The role of the artist is just to build the world, the audience is the real director. The artist gives the audience the right to control the movie in a way that is impossible for the cinema and theater system.


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