'Punctum' (2017-) is a work by Ana María Gómez López. It is part of the exhibition 'To Mind is to Care'.

Punctum (2017 – present) is part of an ongoing project to develop an artificial extracorporeal circulation in order to transfer blood between different parts the body.  Autologous transfusion, or the self-transfer of one’s own sourced blood, is an established medical practice done through shunting procedures, hemodialysis machines, and coronary artery bypass surgery. What is innovative about Punctum is the proposed simplicity of moving blood outside the body and back inside, not through mechanical means, but through basic venipuncture instruments and arterial pressure alone. In this way, Punctum extends bounded understandings of vascularity, highlighting the permeability of the human body and the challenges of its strict physical delineation.


Punctum v.4 was created in collaboration with Jelle de Wit and in consultation with Dr. Bert Derkx.

Punctum v.5 was created in collaboration with Jelle de Wit and with the support of the Rijksmuseum Boerhaave.

Punctum has been developed in its entirety with Jelle de Wit, a sixth-year medical resident at the Amsterdam UMC. Jelle has worked in several hospitals throughout the greater area of Amsterdam during his studies and served as a phlebotomist in the emergency rooms at OLVG Oost and West. Alongside his medical training, he has volunteered for over three years at the Xenia Hospice for terminally ill children and is an emergency care volunteer in the city of Amsterdam. Jelle has collaborated on several projects that combine the fields of medicine and art while continuing to pursue his goal of becoming a psychiatrist.

Further information on Punctum will be made available at http://vascular.systems.

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