Radio Undesignated

"Radio Undesignated" is an internet radio station. It is the graduation project by Danny van der Kleij, Piet Zwart institute, 2012.

Radio Undesignated

Radio Undesignated; Circuit Diagrams of FM transmitters

An internet radio station where the secluded utopian nature of the radio broadcast is seen through the medium of audible codes; at certain specific intervals, the radio station will broadcast several methods of audible coding during a radio show. This show contains a collage of sound fragments – pieces of spoken code which form a URL or a sequence of musical notes, which in turn form an encryption key; or even Morse codes broadcasting hints as to where another code should be placed.

At other times, the station may broadcast only a single code, the remnants of a live show, or music that contains a hidden or encrypted message. Listeners are invited to decode the transmitted material and unravel the mysteries of a Radio Undesignated.

Pieces of the story and other bits of information are scattered across the Internet and other media, with the radio station as a central hub.

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