Raumklang is an art installation by Zeno van den Broek and Robin Koek that creates a location-specific sound architecture constructed out of space and time.

An object in a space which cannot be seen and cannot be touched, revealing itself in time through the  experience of listening. Frozen sound becomes augmented architecture.

Raumklang is an art installation that creates location-specific sound architecture constructed out of space and time. The installation invites visitors to experience invisible 4-dimensional objects in space which they can only perceive through hearing. The work fully engages with the potential of sound, acoustics and interaction in order to forge deeper relationships between the visitor and the space they are in. Raumklang fuses sound and architecture into new interactive experiences, shared by multiple visitors simultaneously. 

Each installation is site-specific: our design process analyses the architectural characteristics of the exhibition space in a technological and perceptual manner, resulting in a custom binaural interactive sound architecture which distills the acoustic features of the location. Through precise and innovative tracking technology custom-built by the artists for this project, visitors are able to explore this sonic environment, providing a real-time augmented sonic intensification of the site. Visitors are activated to explore the spatial features and dynamics of a place and stimulated to build new relationships with their environment and each other, providing a means to reflect on all the hidden qualities of our daily surroundings. Collectively exploring a hyperlocal meta-architecture provides visitors a completely new avenue into discovering an enhanced awareness of this shared cognitive and experiential space.

More text, photos, documentation and video's at the website for Raumklang: raumklang.org

Raumklang is co-produced by V2_Lab and supported by V2_, Lab for the Unstable Media and Creative Fund NL

Raumklang - Matera (prototype) from ZenovandenBroek on Vimeo.

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