Redundant Assembly

Redundant Assembly (2015) is a work by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer.

In Redundant Assembly, an arrangement of cameras composes a live portrait of the visitor from  six perspectives simultaneously, aligned using face detection. The resulting image is uncanny,  detached from the laws of symmetry and the depth perception of binocular vision. If several  visitors are standing in front of the work, a composite portrait of their different facial features  develops in real-time, creating a mongrel selfie.

A version of the work for public space includes a time component that allows the face blending to  take place mixing present and past. Face recognition is a technique often used by police, military,  and corporate entities to search for and find suspicious or targeted people. Here, the same  technology is used to confuse portraits and emphasize the artificiality and arbitrariness of  identification.

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