'Reverie (2014) is a work by Niklas Adam. He developed it during a 2014 Summer Sessions residency at V2_.


Reverie at Test_Lab Summer Sessions

Quiet visual scenes, such as gardens and landscapes, as well as soothing sounds, such as rain or light crackles, can provoke a pleasant condition commonly referred to as ‘reverie’. The installation Reverie is an electronic sanctuary that aims to provoke this state of being lost in thought on the basis of a composition of 25 spinning glass fibre rods and 20 meters of air cushions brought to life by an electronic pulley system.

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Reverie (Oneiric Creations) is an electronic sanctuary consisting of 25 spinning glass fibre rods and 20 meters of air cushions brought to life by an electronic pulley system. An installation to contemplate in. By the means of prepared electronics the work generates complex oscillating motions and silences filled with slow-moving readymades. An environment, to enter and explore kinetically and acoustically like a garden.

Reverie is the condition of being lost in thought. Oneirism is absentminded dreaming or a dreamlike mental state experienced while awake.

(fallacy of ambiguity)

By exposing the music and the act of listening, Reverie facilitates a situation where its possible to listen or configure a visual material into music. A musically non-musically experience. 
The “emptiness” or lack of sound intensifies the relationship between the work and the listener. Reverie puts the listener in a state of fragility in which there is nothing to hold except the place in which the different aspects of dialectics converge. This is a negative space in which there is not a clear and bright way out, in fact there is no way out. The "flatness" of Reverie does not present you with open doors. You are left alone.

“I was magnificently alone! Alone, as we are at the origin of all real action that we are not “obliged” to perform. And the marvellous thing about easy actions is that they do, in fact, place us at the origin of action.” -Rilke

The structure or initial idea of the work is arbitrary, it does not come from a certain interest, but is there simply to put dialectics in motion.


This work was developed as part of the Summer Sessions 2014 in a co-production of PNEK, Norway and V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media.

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