ROSETTA MISSION 2022 (2022) is a work by Luca Pozzi.

ROSETTA MISSION 2022 is inspired by the homonymous space mission of E.S.A., the European Spatial Agency between 2004 and 2016. It is the 3D reconstruction of the 67.P Churyumov Gerasimenko comet, transformed from a physical celestial body into a digital convergence point for different disciplines. The RM2022 is a temporary free Hub, without specific political, religious, and geographical coordinates, suitable for interdisciplinary contributions and social interaction: a meeting point for activists, artists, philosophers, and scientists. In Milan a VR experience will suggest possible connections between the public and the activist groups, artists, philosophers, scientists who shared the Hub.

An AI4Future project, developed in residence at MEET DIGITAL CULTURE CENTER, Milan
with FAI Fondo Ambiente Italiano. AI4FUTURE is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programma of the EU.

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