"Serendipitor" is an iPhone app developed by Mark Shepard during a V2_ Summer Session 2010.


Mark Shepard, Serendipitor

The Serendipitor is an alternative navigation application developed for the iPhone. It is designed to make you find something by looking for something else. Thereby it puts the user in a different relationship with the city. According to Mark Shepard, finding your way from point A to point B is not the problem these days. Instead maintaining consciousness along your way is becoming more difficult. The Serendipitor finds you several ways to reach any destination in the city and gives you step-by-step directions for several actions and movements inspired by Fluxus related artists like Yoke Ono and Vito Acconci. The Serendipitor could ask you for example: “Walk toward the heart of the city. If the city has no heart, give it one.”

The Serendipitor can be downloaded for free at the iTunes app store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/serendipitor/id382597390?mt=8

Serendipitor, by Mark Shepard, was developed at V2_Lab as part of a joint artist residency with Eyebeam Art+Technology Center.

Serendipitor is a component of the Sentient City Survival Kit, a project of Creative Capital.

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