Soul Calibrator

Soul Calibrator (2022) is a VR experience by Noémi Biró, Ryan Cherewaty and Lotte Louise de Jong.

The core impetus of this project is to facilitate a unique one-to-one connection with another anonymous human being in VR. The virtual space within this experience inspires intimate conversations through using an interactive and responsive virtual environment. As participant's avatars interact with each other, the 'living' virtual environment 'grows' with physical and aural alterations into forms unique to each experience. It is our aim to investigate methods in which a reactive and reflexive VR space can generate meaning within interpersonal communication on a profound emotional level.

The experience reconnects the participants with the tradition of oral storytelling by reacting to the personal conversations. As AI is making its way into companionship, Soul Calibrator wants to reclaim the digital space as one for personal interactions. Our project creates a space that encourages storytelling and interaction with other human beings, where one can feel safe and where we can learn from meeting and sharing with one another.

Soul Calibrator was co-produced by Noémi Biró, Ryan Cherewaty, Lotte Louise de Jong and V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media as part of the Winter Sessions art and technology residencies.


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