Sound Affects

Sound Affects (2018) is a work by Ollie Palmer.

In films, most sounds are fake, created in studios by Foley artists. Frying bacon becomes rain, cucumbers snapping become punches, and spatulas become swords. It is an intrinsically comical process.

Sound Affects project creates filmic soundtracks for everyday life in real-time, so that an audience member can replace the normal hum-drum sounds of the city with enhanced, intense/romantic/relaxing/anxiety-inducing soundscapes. It is a two part performance; a performer in a studio triggers spatialised sounds live, whilst an audience member experiences them remotely. It uses Jacques LeCoq's idea of seven levels of tension to create a range of soundscapes that audiences can experience - each of which reframes the way they see the city, the spaces around them, and the people who inhabit them.

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