"Street/Appropriation/Struggle" by STEALTH.[u]ltd transports and amplifies a surrounding real environment into a digital simulation.


S/A/S; photo: Jan Sprij

Street/Appropriation/Struggle researches how different forms and modes of territorialization take place by observing those, often, subtle mechanisms in the Witte de With Street in Rotterdam (Witte de Withstraat). The latter are ported into a digital simulation environment, making it possible to amplify them and bring them to their extremes. Through this, these usually ephemeral territories are able to turn into tangible topologies.

In the exhibition space, a simulation engine will generate a series of scenarios based on observations of real-life events from the Witte de Withstraat. The resulting struggle over space will be graphically exposed. The output of the simulation interacts with the Sound/Light/Street installation of Edwin van der Heide, leaving its imprint on the installation at intervals, temporally replacing the real-time signals from the Witte de Withstraat with its simulated extreme. In this collaboration, Van der Heide is responsible for the sonification processes.


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