Street Voice Space

"Street Voice Space" (1990) by Stephen Wilsons is an interactive installation in public space.

Street Voice Space

Street Voice Space; photo: Hans van Dugteren

Stephen Wilsons interactive installation Street Voice Space (also: Oratorio) was on display at the Kerkplein, a central square in Den Bosch, at a one minute walk from the central market square in a busy pedestrian area. The voices and ideas of the audience in the street were the content of the work. The computer asked the public to vent their opinions on social, political or psychological subjects through a microphone in the middle of the square. The computer recorded these spoken words and rehearsed them at specific moments during the Manifestation; the texts and sounds were rearranged according to different patterns, creating an electronic opera of pronounced ideas.



Street Voice Space by Stephen Wilson (1990) from V2_ on Vimeo.

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