Tele_Trust (2009) is an interactive artwork by Karen Lancel and Hermen Maat.


Tele_Trust at Test_Lab Intimate Interfaces

Tele_Trust explores the emotional and social tension of privacy and trust in our changing social eco-system. Researching new parameters for online trust, the audience experiences an intimate networked-performance: Am I here with you? Who is watching who? Who is controlling who?

In Tele_TrustLancel and Maat explore how in our changing social ecosystem we increasingly demand transparency, while at the same time we increasingly cover our vulnerable bodies with personal communication-technology. Tele_Trust opens a hybrid play zone for a vulnerable process, of balancing between fear and desire for the other. In a visual and poetic way, Lancel and Maat look closely into the contemporary emotional and social tension between visibility and invisibility, and between privacy and trust.

Website (used for performances): www.teletrustlab.net/

More: at www.lancelmaat.nl/

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