Terracleanse (2019) is an immersive experience made by Marnix de Nijs.

Terracleanse (2019) is an immersive experience in which participants journey with a vacuum cleaner through an endlessly unfolding, point-cloud reconstruction of exterior spaces projected on a large screen. The project combines depth map information and panoramic photographs from Google Street View's API in an ethereal labyrinth which expands in real-time.

Standing in front of a large projection screen, armed with a wireless vacuum cleaner, the user begins with choosing his or her most unfavorable street, neighbourhood, city or conflict area. They can then explore and decide which parts of the projected reconstructions should be vacuumed.

Museumnacht010 2019 // Ghosted Views & Terracleanse (Marnix de Nijs) from V2_ on Vimeo.

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