The Art World API

api.theartworld.org is a work by Jonas Lund.

The Art World API is an open available database of the art world at large, consisting of artists, exhibitions, curators, critics, institutions, galleries and publishers. The database has been compiled by the Swedish artist Jonas Lund through assembling data from various art world instances. The API enables anyone to query and investigate the relations in the art world – how many times has a curator worked with a specific institution, how many artists under 35 from France have exhibited in solo shows in London in 2012 are just simple examples of what is possible to determine.

For the Test_Lab at V2_ Lund has used his API to create a tool for predicting what will happen next in the art world. By feeding the database of relations to a machine learning algorithm, Lund can now ask for predictions of what will happen next. The predictions points towards the future, both in terms of what will happen next but also how the art world can adopt a more machine inspired approach to curatorial practices.

More: api.theartworld.org

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