The Dynamic Dialogue II

"The Dynamic Dialogue II" (1991-1992) is an interactive work by Joke Brouwer and Alex Adriaansens.

The Dynamic Dialogue II

installation view from above

The Dynamic Dialogue II was an interactive work by Joke Brouwer and Alex Adriaansens, presented during the F.L.E.A. Festival in 1991 and the Presentation for the Unstable Media in 1992.

People in the audience could have a "primitive" dialogue through this work. This dialogue was done by controlling, evoking and manipulating images and sounds. Sounds and images could be controlled by shining with a flashlight on either one of the loudspeakers that were hanging from the ceiling. The images were projected on a slowly rotating platform (screen) on the floor; the sounds came from the loudspeakers. The people with flashlights (max. 2) were thus able to make a personal image and sound composition.

A continuous thread running through the sounds and images, were four words, attached on four walls of the space:


These four words were, at that time, characteristic for electronic media. Thus, sounds and images referred to the media itself; the dialogue of the visitors was therefore a dialogue with the media itself. The work, in principle, had no beginning or end; it was the audience who determined that. Therefore, this work wasn't a usual concert with a beginning and end chord.

The Dynamic Dialogue II by V2 (1990) from V2_ on Vimeo.

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