The Garden

"The Garden" (1990) is a feature film by Derek Jarman.

The Garden

Derek Jarman: The Garden

Director Derek Jarman takes the viewer for a walk around his own garden in rural England for this religious satire. The story is essentially that of the Passion of Christ, but the sufferings are instead visited upon a gay couple. (While the persecutive church is shown as a terrible villain, it should be mentioned that Christ himself is treated with respect). Jarman then assaults the senses with a series of seemingly unrelated images, including a campy version of the song "Think Pink" from "Funny Face".

John Voorhees, All Movie Guide

A nearly wordless visual narrative intercuts two main stories and a couple of minor ones. A woman, perhaps the Madonna, brings forth her baby to a crowd of intrusive paparazzi; she tries to flee them. Two men who are lovers marry and are arrested by the powers that be. The men are mocked and pilloried, tarred, feathered, and beaten. Loose in this contemporary world of electrical-power transmission lines is also Jesus. The elements, particularly fire and water, content with political power, which is intolerant and murderous.


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