The Others

"The Others" (2012) is a work by Tuur van Balen & Revital Cohen.

The Others

Photo by Jan Nass

A system for a hare to listen to the surface of the moon, supported and directed by the lunar movements of a moonflower. Based on the natural tendencies of the plant, an artificial symbiotic relationship is initiated between a nocturnal animal with mysterious behaviour, a psychedelic nightshade and Earth’s natural satellite.

By designing a poetic interaction between plant and animal, the idea of unmediated perception of nature is examined, where phenomena are perceived within the realms of miracle or spectacle. Once nature is interpreted and explained (by humans), the “filter” of knowledge can no longer be removed, and fauna / flora behaviours are subsequently experienced through a factual mindset.

It is this interpretation or ‘attribution of meaning’ that takes the primal elation out of the physical perception of non-human-mediated phenomena. Rather than meaning, this contraption emulates presence - a moment in which biology is repositioned in the supernatural territories of the unknown, the enchanting and the unspoken. 

Materials: Moonflower, aluminum, nylon, solar panels, electronics

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