The Things?

The Things? is a project by Marguerite Humeau.

From January 2014 on, Marguerite Humeau works on the prologue of The Things? at V2_.


The Things? is a design saga inspired by the rumour that alien creatures are living under the ice cap of Jupiter's icy moon Europa.

The Things? forms the second chapter in a design trilogy, further exploring the possibility of communication between worlds and the means by which knowledge is generated through the impossibility of reaching the object of investigation – it being extinct, unknown or physically inaccessible.

The Things? is a fictional trip to Europa performed as a real expedition to Antarctica. The project could be seen as a contemporary homage to Georges Mélies's A Trip to the Moon.

The ‘Black Smokers’ – i.e. underwater volcanoes – of Antarctica are thought to be the closest equivalent on Earth to Europa's mysterious deep ocean floors. The East Scotia Ridge, located near the Antarctic ice cap in the South Atlantic ocean, is therefore used as a test bed for the exploration of Europa and as a location for the project.

About a year ago, against all expectation, unidentified creatures were found living in these volcanoes, without any oxygen or sunlight. The dream of finding alien life came true…and the idea of communicating with them became the resulting obsession.

The Things? is a proposal for serenading almost-alien creatures with stunts, vibrations, chemistry, light, and live magic.

In a few months, an expedition yacht will depart from the southern point of South America with the destination of Antarctica. Its mission: to produce the first blockbuster for almost-alien creatures – using magic, illusions, mimicry, and inflatable dummies to trigger a response.

Design blockbusters for almost-alien creatures.


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